From the land of marshmallow clouds and rainbow brittle, the Chubby Unicorn gallops out of fantasy and into reality as a chimaeric catalyst for downhill, freeride, and freestyle skateboarding.
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Rocker creates a subtle and comfortable cradling effect, helping your feet stay firmly planted for sliding and providing a steady and natural platform for foot movement. Rocker also slightly lowers your center of gravity for enhanced stability.


The recessed truck mounts drop your baseplates deep into the deck for a lower ride height, increased stability, and improved sliding performance. They are angled to neutralize the wedging effects created by the rocker, keeping your steering geometry true.


Pronounced wheel wells flare above the top surface of the deck, increasing wheel clearance while also creating an ergonomic transition that provides lateral support and extra leverage in critical areas for your feet.


Mellow, progressive compound concave ensures edge control and board feel without sacrificing comfort.


Wide W concave conforms comfortably to the arch of your foot. The transitional “channels” between the central W hump and the mellow rail concave on both sides lock your toes in, providing exceptional lateral support near the rail edges where it counts the most. Toeside slides and predrifts are comfortable and completely controlled by keeping your back toe in the concave channel, eliminating the need to hook the ball of your foot over the rail for support.


A fully symmetrical shape ensures optimal ergonomics for any maneuver and any style in every orientation.


The Chubby’s beefy, symmetrical nose and tail kicks provide ample leverage and a comfortable surface for catching tricks and balancing manuals. With a geometry designed to generate a usable “pop”, the Chubby is ready to ollie, no comply, and shuvit to your little heart’s content.


Two sets of CNC routed grab rails on the deck’s underside shave weight and act as chubby wubby love handles for predrifts and early grabs of all varieties.


Generous application of medium-coarse griptape ensures ample traction and confidence in any riding stance.


At the heart of the Chubby Unicorn is a basswood core that balances rigidity for a 200+ pound rider at speed with just enough give to dissipate energy from vibrations and impacts.


The belly of the beast is sealed with a layer of UHMWPE, the material commonly used in slide pucks. The softer material helps “filter” out some of the higher frequency road vibrations while also providing a layer of protection against abrasion and moisture.


A sidewall of high durometer Orangatang urethane is poured around the board’s perimeter. Bonded to the wood and fiberglass skins, the sidewall adds compliant mass to the core and provides vibration damping throughout the entire board. The urethane formula has been carefully selected for its exceptional abrasion resistance, crisp pop, and resilience against hard impact.